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"Translators are like portrait painters; they can embellish the copy though it must always reflect the original."

(Elie Fréron)

The Office

Uffici ARCommunicate

From A.R.Communicatethat, thanks to its many years of experience, represents a well-established presence in the sector of linguistic consultancy to businesses, emerges A.R.CommTech, a translation and interpreting office specialised in the technical field.

From our headquarters in Cantù, in the hard-working Brianza area, A.R.CommTech offers businesses custom services for their needs: the Brianza is the jewel in the crown of Italian industry and is known world-wide not only for its prized production of furniture but also for other examples of recognised prestige. It is, in fact, to these precious activities that we dedicate our work; our position and nearness, not just geographic, to local industry make it so that in every situation we are able always to be a valuable business support.

We specialise in manuals and technical documentation and offer a quality, accurate and punctual service working side-by -side with the companies and placing the client at the centre of the process. For you, entrepreneur operating on an international level, it is fundamental to promote your products and image abroad, presenting your accomplishments in the best light; as soon as you contact A.R.CommTech your objective becomes ours!

Through open and constant dialogue with you we will be able to recognise your particular needs and respond to them perfectly. The A.R.CommTech translators are all native speakers of the target language and have been selected on the basis of their training, experience, and competence in varied commercial sectors. All translations are put through a rigorous quality control.

In addition to the translation of manuals and technical documentation, A.R.CommTech offers an interpreting service through competent and expert interpreters who receive continual training.

Technical Terminology

La terminologia tecnicaSince we deal with translation and interpreting in the technical/industrial world, technical terminology is the foundation of our work. The wide varieties of technical jargon constitute true and proper languages unto themselves. We are used to thinking of language as something in continual evolution and, in fact, it is just so but the evolution of technical language follows a different path. Technical terminology updates itself hand-in-hand with technical progress. It is not usage that determines the evolution rather the standards organisations in place to establish the rules.

In Italy, it is the Associazione Italiana per la Terminologia (Ass.I.Term) (Italian Terminology Association) that concerns itself with this matter. It was established in 1991 on the initiative of Giovanni Nencioni, linguist and lexicographer, who was also its first president.
In those years, within Europe, there was an urgent need to guarantee an effective and sure international communication in the technical/scientific sector. It was necessary to upgrade the use of specialist languages and jargon.

The Ass.I.Term fosters interchange between stake-holders in the terminologic fields and promotes the enrichment of Italian technical/scientific terminology–an indispensible aid to technical translators. To supply a quality translation, a professional translator must adopt the specialised lexicon of the given sector.

However, A.R.CommTech doesn't limit itself to this. Since every company, while following the generally recognised norms for the field in which it operates, takes on its own particular terminology we pick up the terminology variants of each client, creating translation memories and dedicated glossaries. In this way, we guarantee teminologic consistency for all documents prepared for a company.